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The Best Guide to Sleepy Hollow State Park

When you think of Sleepy Hollow, the tales of Halloween horrors may dance through your head, but don't worry—there's no Headless Horseman in this Sleepy Hollow! Instead, let your mind be calmed by the relaxing waters of Lake Ovid.

Central Michigan is already a pretty quiet place to vacation, but Sleepy Hollow State Park offers a true escape from city life. We would like to dive into some of the activities you'll have the chance to partake in once you enter the park.


The admission fee is $9 per vehicle.

Does Sleepy Hollow State Park have good cell phone service?

Like most national and state parks, the cell phone service isn't spectacular here. Make sure to plan accordingly.

Are dogs allowed?

Pets are allowed in the park and on the trails but keep them on a leash.

Distance from The Nordic Pineapple

12 Miles southeast

Sleepy Hollow State Park Activities

Kayaking on Lake Ovid

Lake Ovid

Lake Ovid is the main draw to Sleepy Hollow and provides the perfect place to refresh on a hot summer day.

As massive and fun as the Great Lakes are, they are pretty far from St. Johns, making them a tad inconvenient by comparison. Enjoy boating and fishing on this crystal-clear lake.

Michigan Fishing License

Whoa whoa! Before you throw your fishing line in the water, make sure you have the proper permits and licensing, so you don't get in trouble! There are quite a few license options available depending on the type of fish you're planning to hook, your residency, and your age.

Shore fishing is exceptionally popular, but you can also venture out on the pier, or sail a kayak to the center of the lake for deeper fishing opportunities.

Make your payment through the Michigan government website, and you should be ship shape!

Grab a Fishing License

Fishing in Lake Ovid

Fishing Report

Here's a list of all the freshwater fish you'll be able to catch here.

  • Muskie
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Bluegill
  • Sunfish
  • Crappie
  • Rock Bass
  • Perch
  • Catfish
  • Bullhead

Boating on Lake ovid

Boat Launch

As a no-wake lake, you might not be able to charge full speed ahead for water skiing or tubing, but you can still soak in the beautiful views and get into a better position for fishing. The boat launch occasionally offers kayak rentals, but it may be best to rent from a nearby rental service.

Not into fishing, but just want to set sail for a while. Make sure you've passed your boating exam. It's only $30 for certification and will allow you to boat in any of the lakes in Michigan (the Great Lakes State)!

Get your Boating Permit

Lake Ovid Island

Lake Ovid Island

Distance: 2.2 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Have you never been on an island before? While it's not the Caribbean, you can walk across this bridge to Lake Ovid Island! It's a short loop but offers beautiful views and excellent bird-watching potential. Watch out for cyclists while you're on the move.

Go on Lake Ovid Island Hike

Sleepy Hollow trail

Sleepy Hollow Trail

Distance: 13.1 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

A fun, off-the-grid trail with a lot of gorgeous scenery. You'll probably want hiking boots with good tread to avoid falling into mud. Bring a camera and some bug spray, and stick to the trail. It's a trail suited for hikers and horseback riders.


Trail Rider

Trail Riders

Address: 7835 East Price Rd. Laingsburg, MI 
Phone: (517) 651-6217

You may not be headless, but you can be a horseman here in Sleepy Hollow! Trail Riders will guide you around the lake on one of the longest horse trails in central Michigan. The horses are well-trained, and you need very little prior experience for the journey.

Go for a Trail Ride

Sleepy Hollow Horse Trail

Sleepy Hollow Horse Trail

Distance: 7.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

The Sleepy Hollow Horse Trail is the main place you'll be riding around the lake. It's the same twists and turns you'll see throughout the forest, but on horseback! So much fun!

Ride Sleepy Hollow Horse Trail