You're cozy and warm, you want to stay in bed.... with nothing required of you today.
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When you're on a getaway, what you're really after is a chance to recharge. We recharge by letting others take care of us, handling the things we are normally tasked with. We are energized by someone else making the bed, taking care of the dishes, doing the cooking, because it affords us more time for the things we'd like to enjoy. Things like a hot bath in a jetted tub, sleeping in late, reading a book in the sunlight on the patio or taking a casual bike ride at sunset.

Breakfast in bed is the ultimate in self-care. The rest comes not only from someone else making it, but having it ready for you in bed, when you want it, with all the time to enjoy it. Can you see yourself there? Can you smell the sweetness and hear the footsteps walking up the stairs....
Golden Pineapple Touches

🍍There are three ways to request the Breakfast in Bed package at The Nordic Pineapple. First, you can add it when making a reservation online or over the phone. Second, you can request it on-site when you check in. And third, maybe it was something you had planned on doing, but the mood hits you while you're staying; use the new text service The Nordic Pineapple has implemented. "The new app has been a great addition to the service we can offer our guests while they're on the property!"

🍍Innkeepers, Kjersten and Greg Offenbecker, believe in using local sourced ingredients. Local farms are utilized for eggs, meat and more." Livingston Farms in St. Johns is used for all our syrup and mint products." Fresh fruit and vegetables from the local Farmers market and sweets from downtown businesses Oh Mi Organics and Cupcakes and Kisses are also staples on the menu.

"It's a really hard job to be an innkeeper. When we moved in we had to do a thing called "bacon testing" where we taste tested a whole bunch of bacon...."

🍍The Nordic Pineapple accommodates all dietary needs. Whether it's gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegetarian, nut allergies, keto; we want to make sure you have a great dining option.
🍍If you're not interested in breakfast in bed, guest breakfast is served in The Spaulding Dining Room from 7:00 am to 10:00 am on weekdays and 8:00 am to 10:00 am on weekends. "We've found those times work the best, but we also try to ask our guests ahead of time what might work the best for them. If you're here on business and have to get to an early meeting, we will do our best to accommodate that."

Coffee and Juice are available as soon as you enter the Spaulding Dining Room. The rest of the breakfast is restaurant style. Breakfast is prepared in the kitchen and brought to your table and the table is cleared when you're done. It's time to go relax into the living room or enjoy some sunshine on the patio!

🍍Cookie, snacks, sodas, coffee and a water station are available 24 four hours a day in the lounge. "Sometimes I'll make muffins or cupcakes or I'll run down and get cupcakes from Cupcakes and Kisses."
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Chef's Choice Breakfast

The Menu is based on how many people are staying. Some items are more difficult to prepare on an individual basis and some suit a larger crown well. Dietary restrictions are something the Nordic Pineapple pays particular attention to.

Some of our favorite breakfast choices:

● Nordic Cakes (think pancakes only better!)
● Eggs Benedict
● French Toast Casserole
● Omelets
● Tater Tot Casserole
Greg's signature dish:
● Five Potato and Sausage Hash with Fried Eggs
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