Special Add-ons

Make your stay with us even better. Add these great extras when you reserve online or on the phone.

alt='One dozen long stem red roses in a clear vase'

Roses are Red

Nothing says “I love you” more than roses. Surprise your loved one with a dozen beautiful roses in a take-home vase when you walk into your suite. They’ll start off your evening with a smile and set the mood for romance…

Color of roses based on availability.

Price: $40.00

alt='2 Chocolate covered strawberries with red roses laying in the background'

romance is in the air

Sometimes your sweetheart deserves a little more than roses alone. Shower your loved one with a dozen beautiful roses in a take-home vase, half a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of wine or champagne along with a pair of keepsake glasses. All will be ready and waiting when you walk into your room to begin your romantic getaway.

Color of roses based on availability.

Price: $75.00

At Check-out specify in the notes Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne or Sparkling Juice

alt='Banana split with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream and toppings.  Sundae spoon laying in front of the ice cream and a bowl of cherries to the left.'

something sweet

Have desert with us, either in your room or on one of our amazing porches.

Choose from either a banana split or an ice cream sundae.

Price: $12 for one or $20 for two

At Check-out specify in the notes Sundae, Banana Split or One of Each

alt='Stack of pancakes with pomegranates and powdered sugar. Also lemons, syrup and coffee on a breakfast tray laying on a bed.'

breakfast in bed

Want to stay in and snuggle, but not miss breakfast?  Breakfast in bed is the perfect solution.  Your entire delicious breakfast will be brought to your room on trays so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your room in order to enjoy some comfort food.

Price: $10.00

alt='2 20-ounce bottles of coca-cola, one bag of skittles, on king-sized package of reese's peanut butter cups along with a large bucket of popcorn.'

movie night

There’s no need to go out when you could put on your pajamas and stay in!  Pick your favorite movie from our On-Demand selection and pair it with an assortment of movie candy, pop-able popcorn, and 2 sodas. 

Price: $20.00