Together we are Strong

First and foremost we want to start by expressing our concern, sympathy, and thanks for all the lives, workers, families, and businesses that have been affected by this pandemic. Thank you to those working tirelessly on the front lines, you are the true heroes!

We have been hearing from many of you with wonderful words of encouragement and we want to thank all of you for your support during these unprecedented times. We have taken this time to slow down, relax a little and enjoy more time with our kids. We've also looked at this as a time to undertake a few projects we've been putting off. We've stripped miles of wallpaper, painted and ripped out carpeting resulting in refreshed and updated spaces around the inn and we cannot wait for you to see what we have done. We have also done an extensive deep cleaning of all of our public spaces and all guest rooms as well as our personal spaces within the building.

The New Normal

We have always been very careful to follow meticulous cleaning and sanitizing procedures to safeguard our guests' comfort, safety, and well-being while they vacation with us. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have immediately redoubled our efforts to ensure that you can come here with the absolute assurance that maintaining and protecting your health is taken very seriously by everyone at The Nordic Pineapple.

Here is a summary of our current cleaning and sanitizing policies. This is not an exhaustive listing but it does detail much about the process of procedures we follow to ensure every suite is thoroughly sterilized after each guest turnover as well as activities that enhance the safety of guests throughout their stay.

  • We will practice social distancing at all times, including during check-ins, and will also wear masks so long as the usage of them is recommended by the CDC and local health authorities.
  • Breakfast is prepared by Greg and Kjersten who follow strict hygienic procedures to maintain complete sanitation.
  • Replace all bed linens including protective pillow covers after EVERY guest.
  • Clean and sanitize all cups, glasses, and mugs, (whether used or not) after EVERY guest.
  • Replace every washcloth, every hand, and bath towel (whether used or not) after EVERY guest.
  • Disinfect every touch-surface in the suite, including handles, keys, doorknobs, light switches, faucets, tables and desks, pens, buttons & remote controls after EVERY guest.
  • Disinfect bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, toilets, and water faucets after EVERY guest.
  • Very effective liquid body gel, shampoo, and conditioner are packaged in pump containers. These containers' surfaces are sanitized after EVERY guest experience.
  • Multiple snacks, including coffee and tea, have always been provided. Now all snacks are items that come in sealed packages.
  • Provide hand sanitizer in private and public areas, including the lobby, The Barber Lounge, The Benson Bistro, and each public and suite bathroom vanity.
  • Repetitively (many times daily) disinfect every touch-surface in common areas including room keys; doorknobs; handles; microwaves; coffee makers; and sinks, toilets, faucets, and handles in our common bathroom—-with sanitizer available nearby so individual guests can sanitize any of these touch-points during their stay.

We are taking many precautions to maintain good health among our guests, as well as our own family, which includes two young children. We simply request that if you are feeling ill or have a fever, you cancel your getaway and stay home! 

Hope is Greater Than Fear

We continue to live by this belief... but we acknowledge that it takes a while to adapt! It has certainly taken us some time to shift our mindset and prepare to host you all under these drastically different guidelines, but we choose to evolve so that we can give you a place to retreat, rest and recuperate. We look forward to the day we can greet you with handshakes and hugs! If you're not ready to travel yet, we understand – we'll be here for you when you are. Until then stay healthy and blessed.

Greg and Kjersten